Terms of Sale

Onco-Tools, LLC: Terms of Sale, version June 2017


Tariffs, Taxes, or Other Fees Associated With Importation

International customers are responsible for duties, tariffs, taxes or fees for quarantine, brokerage or other services imposed on each shipment by the customer's country or parties other than FedEx.  We request that international customers provide their Federal Express Account Number when they place their order.  Customers will be billed directly by Federal Express for tariffs and taxes.

The Harmonized System number for our Onco-Morpholino oligos is 2934.99.9000 and for Endo-Porter is 2922.49.8000.  These numbers are used by all countries for assessing tariffs and taxes.  To find out what tariffs and taxes will be imposed on your order you should contact your country's import agency and provide them with this Harmonized System number.


Placing Orders

All Onco-Morpholino orders must be placed using the store on the Onco-Tools website.  While Onco-Tools provides general and technical support by telephone, we do not accept Onco-Morpholino orders by telephone.

For larger orders in excess of $5,000 USD, we will typically require a pre-payment.  If you wish to place a large order, please contact Onco-Tools directly at support@onco-tools.com.


Shipping and Handling Charges

A handling charge of $15 will be applied to all orders.

Current charges for shipping by FedEx are listed both in our Shipping / Billing Information page and are displayed during checkout.

We ask that international customers provide us with their FedEx account number for charging any duties, taxes, and/or tariffs their order incurs.  All international orders are sent by FedEx International Priority Shipping.  Please inform us on your order form of any relevant VAT exemptions.



Payment is pre-authorized on your credit card.  The credit card will be charged upon shipment of the completed order.  Customers in the United States of America will be charged for the total of their ordered products plus a $15 handling fee and a domestic shipping fee.  Customers outside of the United States will be billed for the total of their ordered products plus a $15 handling fee and an international shipping fee and are responsible for paying any duties, tariffs or taxes incurred from their order.

An Order Receipt will accompany shipped orders.  Customers can also view their order history including Order Receipts in .pdf format using their online account; these will be posted the day the order ships.


Denied Parties List

By placing an order with Onco-Tools, the customer agrees not to forward any Gene Tools product to any person on the U.S. government’s Denied Parties list.  The most recent list can be checked at: http://www.bis.doc.gov/dpl/default.shtm  The customer also agrees not to forward any Onco-Tools product to any countries to which exports are prohibited by the US Department of Commerce and/or the US Department of Homeland Security.


Timing of Experiment Preparation

To avoid potentially expensive consequences from a delay caused by production processes or shipping, we strongly recommend that you wait to prepare organisms for experiments until after receiving your oligos.  In rare cases when an oligo fails quality control and must be remade, this will delay oligo shipment by about a week.



While our and others' experience indicate that Morpholino oligos typically outperform other antisense structural types by a wide margin, nonetheless, because of the great variability among genes and cells, Onco-Tools makes no warranty as to the performance of Onco-Morpholino oligos in any given biological system.