Billing & Shipping

General Information

All product orders must be placed through the Onco-Tools website using a credit card.  Products are shipped dry and sterile in small glass vials.  Generally, orders will be shipped within 10 business days.


Shipping and Handling Charges

A handling charge of $15 applies to all orders.

Shipment to US addresses are sent, at the customer's option, and billed by 2-day FedEx for $25 or FedEx Overnight for $35.

All International orders are billed for International priority shipping rate of $60 USD, and we will need international customers to provide us with their FedEx account number for charging any duties, taxes, and/or tariffs their order incurs. Please inform us on your order form of any relevant VAT exemptions.


Billing & Payment  Procedures

  • All credit cards will be pre-authorized upon order confirmation.
  • Customers in the United States of America will be charged for the total of their ordered products plus shipping and a $15 handling fee upon shipment.
  • Customers outside of the United States will be charged for the total of their ordered products plus International Priority shipping and a $15 handling fee upon shipment. In addition, they are responsible for paying any duties, tariffs or taxes incurred from their order.

As stated, for international orders, tariffs and taxes imposed by the customer's country will be billed separately by FedEx, our shipper.

All orders must be placed using a credit card through our secure online store.  No other forms of payment are accepted at this time.  Credit cards will be pre-authorized when the order is processed but will not be charged until shipment.  Important: Check the entered zip code to ensure that it matches the zip code associated with your credit card account – differences frequently lead to declined authorization.  Email is not secure.  Do NOT provide credit card information by email; it will NOT be accepted.

Tariffs and Taxes International customers will be responsible for tariffs and taxes imposed on each shipment by the customer's country. Customers will be billed directly by FedEx for said tariffs and taxes. For this reason, we request that international customers provide their FedEx Account Number when they place their order.

With regards to tariffs and taxes, the Harmonized System # for our Onco-Morpholino oligos is: 2934.99.9000. This number corresponds to "Nucleic acids and their salts, whether or not chemically defined; other heterocyclic compounds; Other; Other" and is used by all countries for assessing tariffs and taxes. To find out what tariffs and taxes will be imposed on your order you should contact your country's import agency and provide them with this Harmonized System number.



While our and others experience indicate that Morpholino-type oligos typically outperform other antisense structural types by a wide margin, nonetheless, because of the great variability among genes and cells, Onco-Tools makes no warranty as to the performance of Onco-Morpholino oligos in any given biological system.