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Our Company

Onco-Tools, LLC was founded in Philomath, Oregon in 2009 as a research company in pursuit of the development of safe and effective cancer treatments.  In late-2016, Onco-Tools co-developed Onco-Morpholinos in collaboration with Gene Tools, LLC.  Onco-Morpholinos are high-specificity delivery-enhanced Morpholino oligos targeted against cancer-related RNA transcripts.  In August 2017, we launched our website to sell Onco-Morpholinos as reagents to the cancer research community.  Onco-Tools continues to invest in research towards the crucial goal of transitioning Morpholino technology from bench to bedside, from cell culture experiments to personalized medicine.


Our Website

The store catalog on our website provides a variety of information related to our products and the genes that our products target. Most of the information, and specifically the gene descriptions, was collected from the publicly available databases at NCBI and Ensembl, and we frequently provide references and links to the source information. In addition, specific information related to the properties and use of Onco-Morpholinos was provided by our manufacturer, Gene Tools LLC.  If you have any questions regarding this content, please contact us using the methods below.  IMPORTANT:  We do not provide the sequence of our Onco-Morpholino Products on our website or over the phone.  The exact sequence will be provided on an information sheet accompanying the shipped product.  Once your product has shipped, the information sheet will also be available as a PDF document in your user account's orders list.


Contact Us

You can contact Onco-Tools personnel at (541) 929-9388 for general inquiries or for technical support.

Our mailing address is:

Onco-Tools, LLC
1001 Summerton Way Suite 22
Philomath, OR  97370

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