Our Approach to treating cancer:

  1. Identify multiple targets present in and essential for the viability of the cancer, but not essential for the viability of the patient's normal cells, and
  2. Treat with multiple high-precision drugs effective to disrupt the function of the identified targets.

To date, most identified defects underlying cancers have been in proteins, and most drugs developed for targeting those proteins have been monoclonal antibodies or low-precision small-molecule drugs.

Instead, great advantages in specificity, versatility, and speed of development can be gained by using high-precision Onco-Morpholino tools to identify RNA transcript targets, and then using a cocktail of high-precision Onco-Morpholino drugs to disrupt the function of the targeted RNA transcripts and isoforms.

Now you can reap these advantages by ordering from our Onco-Tools Store.  Select your Onco-Morpholino tools targeted against a wide range of cancer-related RNA transcripts and isoforms, including:

  • messenger RNAs
  • pre-mRNAs (for altering selected isoforms)
  • microRNAs
  • long non-coding RNAs
  • control sequences in RNA-transcripts
  • oncofetal isoforms underlying cancer hallmarks

In collaboration with the cancer research community, our goals are to develop custom cocktails of precision Onco-Morpholinos drugs effective to cure several human cancers in 2018, and then by 2020 to develop an arsenal of custom cocktails capable of curing any patient's cancer without harm to the patient.

For more detailed information about Onco-Morpholinos and our 2020 vision for a cancer cure, visit